Designed to tap your inner spaces, tour highlights include rendezvous with the Arakkal royal descendants for a strong waft of Muslim religiosity; warm bonhomie with the legends of lost Jewish tribes; chanting Vedas with serene young boys wearing the sacred sutra; individually slanted meditation lessons to bring you to your most harmonious state of mind; a guided tour of the surprising array of temple arts; a pious moment at a snake worship shrine.

Tip your nerves into peace with a soothing Ayurvedic massage; get familiar with your unique blueprint for health through personalized Ayurvedic meals based on your Dosha. Walk away with your future in your hands with a visit to a famed astrologer.

Seek your blessing directly from the Gods in the Theyyam ritual dance; enter a spiritual trance along with the intense nadana of the devoted Theyyam performer incarnating as the shrine deity. Watch the esoteric spectacle of the red-garbed Oracles at the Bharani festival, slicing the temple air with bejeweled metallic sabers and smiting their crown with it, establishing communion with Goddess Kali.


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